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Overtank Luminaire OT5/OT8

A slim twin lamp over-tank luminaire featuring a unique pivot mechanism, allowing easy access to the aquarium

  • Supplied with lamps
  • Twin T8 or T5 luminaire
  • Mounts to tank rim or use suspended
  • Freshwater and Marine versions available
  • Unique pivot mechanism for aquarium access
  • Easy lamp change


Overtank Luminaire OT2

A stunning T5 Over-Tank Luminaire from Arcadia

  • Freshwater and Marine versions available
  • Securely fits to the tank rim
  • Operates four high output T5 lamps
  • Only 40mm high with twin switches and mains leads for separate control of lamp pairs
  • Simplified lamp changes with easy access hinged top panels


Overtank Luminaire OT2 LED

A new concept in marine lighting, the OT2 LED combines the high light output of T5 lighting with high performance LED panels

  • Separate dimming control of T5 and LED sources
  • LED point sources provide ripple effect
  • Dramatic shafts of light from LED create light & shadow, unlike T5 or HQI sources
  • Adjust overall colour temperature through dimming of 450nm LEDs
  • Radiates very little heat into the aquarium
  • Optional automated dimming controllar**
  • Multiple High Output LED panels which should last in excess of 5 years!


LED Bar Pendant

  • Adjust overall colour temperature through seperate dimming of deep blue LEDs with a spectral peak of 450nm, and cool white LEDs selected for a colour temperature in excess of 8000K
  • Multiple high output LED panels which should last in excess of 5 years
  • Independently dimmable high output White and Blue LED’s
  • Radiates very little heat into the aquarium
  • Complete with Suspension kit and Dimming Controller
  • Includes Multi-Channel Dimming Controller