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Pendant Lighting


The ARC POD™ is a waterproof aquarium light which includes a high performance Arcadia compact aquarium lamp to enhance the colours of your aquarium.

Designed to be clamped onto the rim of a tank (glass width 4-12mm) or attached to the underside of an aquarium hood, the ARC POD™ is available in two sizes to suit a range of small aquariums. The 9W model is suitable for aquariums up to 30cm wide, while the 11W model suits tanks up to 40cm.

  • Easy to fit
  • Waterproof (to IP67 standard)
  • Easy Lamp Change
  • Built-in Reflector
  • Freshwater versions supplied with Original Tropical lamp
  • Marine versions supplied with Marine Hybrid lamp



The Original Tropical lamp is designed specifically around the red and blue wavelengths in daylight that are necessary for photosynthesis.
This gives a warm pink light that encourages plant growth and highlights the iridescence of many tropical fish.

  • Accentuates reds and blues
  • Optimum light for photosynthesis
  • Promotes plant growth

Code Watt Lamp Dimensions
AA9F 9W Original Tropical 205x57mm
AA11F 11W Original Tropical 275x57mm



Code Watt Lamp Length
FOC09 9W Original Tropical 165mm
FOC11 11W Original Tropical 230mm


The Marine Hybrid is a new T5 lamp formulation based on a 60/40 phosphor mix of our Marine White 14K and Marine Blue 420nm lamps. The resultant spectrum of the lamp combines high brightness, with large amounts of energy in the photosynthetic wavelengths required for coral growth.

  • 60% Marine White 14,000K / 40% Marine Blue 420nm
  • High photosynthetic light content

Code Watt Lamp Dimensions
AA11M 11W Marine Hybrid 275×57



Code Watt Lamp Length
FMHC11 11W Marine Hybrid 230mm