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Pendant Lighting

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Classica Over Tank Luminaire LED

The Classica LED OTL is a breakthrough in terms of LED value for the aquatics market, available in 7 lengths ranging from 620mm to 1820mm with freshwater and marine variants.

In terms of design this pendant is extremely lightweight and slimline, measuring only 25mm in height, and benefits from full IP67 waterproofing with removable cover for easy cleaning, making it safe to either hang above any aquarium or to be fitted directly on to the aquarium itself.

  • Extremely lightweight and slimline
  • Combines 1.5W and 10W Power LED’s
  • LEDs create a stunning ripple effect
  • Produces excellent colour rendition of all fish


Nature Aquarium at 3 weeks

Aquatic expert, Mark Evans, shows us his planted aquarium illuminated using the Classica OTL LED.

Supplied with:

  • Digital controller with four timed channels with auto sunset and sunrise
  • Temperature sensor
  • Fully adjustable suspention kit
  • Adjustable legs for on tank fitting
  • Removable, cleanable cover
  • Long power cables

classica over tank luminaire LED

The pendant itself benefits from an inclusive digital control system that runs 4 separate channels, this allows the fish keeper to choose the intensity of overall light and program in dusk till dawn patterns.

classica over tank luminaire LED timer controllerDigital controller with four timed channels with auto sunset and sunrise

In terms of LED mix this pendant comes as standard with a mix of 1.5W and 10W LED cells that have been professionally lensed to direct light into the water where it is needed most. The freshwater unit uses a mix of RGB, 8,000K and 10,000K cells and the marine version uses a mix of RGB, Deep Blue and a true 14,000K. In terms of light per watt this unit is super-efficient!

classica over tank luminaire LED timer 1.5 watt 10 watt1.5 Watt / 10 Watt LEDs

The pendant also has a built in temperature sensor which allows you to measure ambient temperature and probe to measure aquarium water temperature.

classica over tank luminaire LED temperature sensor

As shown in the light readings, the PAR values are outstanding. The marine fitting is providing a massive 300 PAR at 300mm THROUGH WATER! The freshwater pendant which is perfect for fish systems and heavily planted aquascaped systems is providing a HUGE 280 PAR at 300mm THROUGH WATER!

classica over tank luminaire LED freshwaterFreshwater version

classica over tank luminaire LED marineMarine version


Suspension kit

When it is not convenient to mount the over tank luminaire on to the tank, the suspension kit allows it to be suspended from the ceiling.
classica over tank luminaire LED suspension kit

Support legs

Made from sturdy aluminum, allowing the luminaire to slide into position.
classica over tank luminaire LED adjustable legs

Comparison Chart
Measuements taken directly under light source Marine OTL LED
(40° lens)
Depth 200mm 380 PAR 710 PAR 990 PAR
15.5 kLux 25 kLux 28 kLux
Depth 300mm 300 PAR 430 PAR 590 PAR
10.6 kLux 13 kLux 18 kLux
Depth 400mm 208 PAR 260 PAR 385 PAR
6.9 kLux 10 kLux 12 kLux
Depth 500mm 190 PAR 190 PAR 350 PAR
5 kLux 7 kLux 9 kLux

All PAR readings were taken in a filled 250 litre marine tank.
All Lux readings taken in free air.

classica over tank luminaire LED freshwater light output

Code 1.5W 10W 10W Watt Length Width Height
RGB 8,000K 10,000K
CE60F 22 2 2 73W 620mm 162mm 25mm
CE80F 26 3 2 89W 820mm 162mm 25mm
CE90F 36 3 3 114W 920mm 162mm 25mm
CE100F 36 3 3 114W 1020mm 162mm 25mm
CE120F 50 4 4 155W 1220mm 162mm 25mm


classica over tank luminaire LED marine light output

Code 1.5W 1.5W 10W Watt Length Width Height
Blue RGB 14,000K
CE60M 16 6 4 73W 620mm 162mm 25mm
CE80M 18 8 5 89W 820mm 162mm 25mm
CE90M 26 10 6 114W 920mm 162mm 25mm
CE100M 26 10 6 114W 1020mm 162mm 25mm
CE120M 36 14 8 155W 1220mm 162mm 25mm

Lamp Lead Lengths
Luminaire – Controller 1.2m
Controller – Mains plug (Inc. Driver) 3m
Temperature Probe 1m
LED Lenses
10 Watt 60°
1.5 Watt 30°
IP Ratings
Luminaire IP67
Controller IP22
Driver IP22
Mains Input Voltage AC 100-240V
Output DC 24V 5A