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Pendant Lighting

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Customer Reviews

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Classica Stretch LED

The Classica STRETCH LED lamp combines innovation with a functional design.
This is a very low profile LED unit that extends to fit over various lengths of aquarium making it one of the most flexible units on the market.

Classica LED Stretch

  • Various lengths ranging from 180mm – 1200mm
  • Provides the ripple effect
  • Low energy consumption
  • Light unit waterproof to IP67
  • 2 Year Guarantee


Additional Clips

For extra stability, each unit is supplied with clamp fixings (x4 – tank widths 8-18mm).
Classica Stretch LED clips

Dual Switch Controller

The dual light mode recreates daylight and moonlight conditions for a more natural day cycle.
Classica Stretch LED Dual Controller


Extendable Arm

The extendable arm allows the lamp to be mounted on a wide range of aquarium tanks.
Classica Stretch LED Extendable arm

The LED’s

The Freshwater unit utilises a mix of 1.5W at 10,000K, 8,000K, RGB and 0.24W RGB LED’s.

Classica Stretch LED Freshwater180mm / 6″ Freshwater LED Stretch

Classica Stretch LED Freshwater1200mm / 4′ Freshwater LED Stretch

The Marine unit utilises a mix of 1.5W at 12,000K, RGB and 0.24W Actinc Blue LED providing superior full colour spectrum rendering for marine livestock.

Classica Stretch LED Marine300mm / 12″ Marine LED Stretch

Classica Stretch LED Marine300mm / 12″ Marine LED Stretch

Classica Stretch LED Marine300mm / 12″ Marine LED Stretch


All PAR readings were taken in water, 60mm above the surface level.
All Lux readings taken in free air.

Classica Stretch LED Freshwater light output

Code 1.5W 1.5W 1.5W 0.24W Watt Length Length Extended
10,000K 8,000K RGB RGB
CS18F 1 1 2 3 6W 180mm 180-300mm
CS30F 2 2 3 3 11W 300mm 300-450mm
CS40F 3 3 4 3 15W 400mm 400-550mm
CS50F 3 4 5 3 18W 500mm 500-650mm
CS60F 4 5 6 6 23W 600mm 600-800mm
CS90F 6 8 8 9 35W 900mm 900-1200mm
CS120F 9 11 10 12 47W 1200mm 1200-1500mm


Classica Stretch LED Marine light output

Code 1.5W 1.5W 0.24W Watt Length Length Extended
12,000K RGB Actinic Blue
CS18M 3 1 6 7W 180mm 180-300mm
CS30M 5 2 12 13W 300mm 300-450mm
CS40M 7 3 15 18W 400mm 400-550mm
CS50M 8 4 15 21W 500mm 500-650mm
CS60M 11 4 18 26W 600mm 600-800mm
CS90M 16 6 24 38W 900mm 900-1200mm
CS120M 22 8 30 52W 1200mm 1200-1500mm

Lamp Lead Lengths
Luminaire – Plug 1.8m
IP Ratings
Luminaire IP67
Controller IP22
Mains Input Voltage AC 90-240V
Output DC 24V 1.3A