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Pendant Lighting


The Classica T8 range consists of three lamps; Tropical Sunlight, Natural Daylight and Ocean Moonlight. They create the ideal lighting for tropical and marine aquariums.

Models Available


Enhances reds and blues
The Tropical Sunlight lamp gives off a soft pink glow,ideal for lighting most tropical (warm water)
and cold water fish.

Code Watt Length Diameter Reflector
FY08 8W 12″/300mm T5-16mm
FY14 14W 15″/360mm T8-26mm ALR15
FY15 15W 18″/450mm T8-26mm ALR15
FY18 18W 24″/600mm T8-26mm ALR15
FY25 25W 30″/750mm T8-26mm ALR25
FY30 30W 36″/900mm T8-26mm ALR30
FY36 36W 48″/1200mm T8-26mm ALR36
FY38 38W 42″/1050mm T8-26mm ALR38


Brighter natural colours
The Natural Daylight lamp provides a bright white light with a slight green tint that provides a cool natural appearance for an aquarium.

Code Watt Length Diameter Reflector
FX08 8W 12″/300mm T5-16mm
FX14 14W 15″/360mm T8-26mm ALR15
FX15 15W 18″/450mm T8-26mm ALR15
FX18 18W 24″/600mm T8-26mm ALR15
FX25 25W 30″/750mm T8-26mm ALR25
FX30 30W 36″/900mm T8-26mm ALR30
FX36 36W 48″/1200mm T8-26mm ALR36
FX38 38W 42″/1050mm T8-26mm ALR38


True Reef Colours
The Ocean Moonlight lamp provides a cool blue light ideal for night-time viewing and recreating marine lighting conditions.

Code Watt Length Diameter Reflector
FZ08 8W 12″/300mm T5-16mm
FZ14 14W 15″/360mm T8-26mm ALR15
FZ15 15W 18″/450mm T8-26mm ALR15
FZ18 18W 24″/600mm T8-26mm ALR15
FZ25 25W 30″/750mm T8-26mm ALR25
FZ30 30W 36″/900mm T8-26mm ALR30
FZ36 36W 48″/1200mm T8-26mm ALR36
FZ38 38W 42″/1050mm T8-26mm ALR38