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Packed with useful articles and professional advice

By John Courteney-Smith

August 2012 – view article

Crested Geckos and Vivarium Lighting

The skin on the underside of the crested gecko’s body is very thin, and serves to absorb UV light.

July 2012 – view article

Lighting large enclosures

What is the best way of providing good lighting with ultra-violet light (UV) in very large vivaria?

June 2012 – view article

Lighting for a mixed leopard gecko colony

There are a lot of differing opinions regarding leopard geckos,


May 2012 – view article

Introducing the bumblebee walking toad

Whatever I was originally talking about with Penfold’s owner Terry went out of my mind, as I inched nearer to the enclosure for a closer look.


April 2012 – view article

Lighting your Bosc’s monitor

Please give me your thoughts about whether I should provide ultra violet (UV) lighting for my Bosc’s monitor.


February 2012 – view article

Second-hand equipment

I have been given a second-hand vivarium but how can I tell if the equipment is still safe and that it is right for my pet?


January 2012 – view article

Turtle tank set-up & lighting

I need to know which tube would give enough UVB through the water to benefit my turtles.


December 2011 – view article

Lighting needs for iguana keepers

Q. Why all the sudden fuss about high power 12% T5 lamps when iguana keepers have been told to use 5-6% T8 lamps over the past few years?


Novemeber 2011 – view article

Are your reptiles benefitting from the lighting revolution

The way in which reptiles are kept has undergone many changes over the years, as more knowledge has become available about their needs


September 2011 – view article

Lighting advances

In the time that has passed since then, there have been many new breakthroughs in this field.


June 2011 – view article

Back to basics with leopard geckos

I count myself as being a very lucky person.


February 2011 – view article

Lighting the way

Q Please could you give me some advice on keeping basilisks, and lighting in their vivarium?


January 2011 – view article

Lighting the way

Q Please could you give me some advice on keeping basilisks, and lighting in their vivarium?


November 2010 – view article

Lighting for invertebrate enclosures

Many invertebrates do of course hide away in dark areas, even if they are not actually found in woodland, so as to avoid becoming prey for a passing predator.


October 2010 – view article

Lighting Corns

Q. I am just starting out with my first corn snake.


March 2010 – view article

Vivarium safety

Reptile-keeping and husbandry methods are improving every year.


February 2010 – view article

Questions and Answers

Q. I am a beginner to keeping leopard geckos and want to provide the right lighting so that they get exposure to UVB (ultra violet B) light.


December 2009 – view article

Questions and Answers

Q. Please put my mind at rest.


October 2009 – view article

And snakes might fly

The ornate flying snake (Chrysopelea ornata) gets its name from its ability to glide from tree to tree.

An illuminating hobby!

UV light, in the form of UVB, is the key initial component in a chain of reactions


November 2009 – view article

Making light work of it

For years, standard household spot lamps have been used in vivaria both for lighting and heating purposes.