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Pendant Lighting


Metal Halide lamps provide extremely high light levels from a compact source. The design of the lamp means that the light is emitted from a single point, which creates a rippling effect through the water that is impossible to achieve with fluorescent lamps.

Available lamps

Metal halide is commonly accepted as the best substitute for nature when it comes to aquarium lighting. The exceptionally high light output when compared to other lamp types such as fluorescent tubes, makes them a very effective light source, particularly for the larger tank set-up.

Commonly used in marine aquariums, they can also be a very useful asset in freshwater tanks – particular those where good plant growth is desired.

Freshwater 5,000K

  • 5,200K colour temperature mimics normal sunlight
  • Excellent colour rendering
  • High light levels promote healthy plant growth
Code Watt Temp (K)
AQI5K150 150W 5,200K

Marine 14,000K

  • 14,000K colour temperature replicates shallow ocean light conditions
  • High intensity light source supports coral growth
Code Watt Temp (K)
AQI14K150 150W 14,000K
AQI14K250 250W 14,000K
AQI14K400 400W 14,000K

Marine 20,000K

  • Deep blue light, with 420nm actinic peak for marine aquariums
  • High intensity light source supports coral growth
  • Use alone or combine with 14,000K
Code Watt Colour
AQIBLU150 150W 20,000K
AQIBLU250 250W 20,000K