• T5/T8 LED Stretch adapters

    Replaces existing T5/T8 fluorescent lamps with the Classica LED Stretch lamp.
  • • Easy to fit

    • Waterproof (to IP67 standard)

    • Easy Lamp Change

    • Built-in Reflector

    • Freshwater versions supplied with Original Tropical lamp

    • Marine versions supplied with Marine Hybrid lamp

  • The Aqua-Brite LED Aquarium lights can instantly improve the look of your aquarium by spotlighting plants or ornaments.
    • Excellent accent illumination for plants and ornaments
    • Spotlights rotates and tilts to any position
    • Easily fixes by sucker to aquarium walls or base
    • Can be screw fixed to aquarium hoods
    • Colour change unit constantly changes the look of your tank
    • Requires single USB power supply or 4-way HUB
  • True Reef Colours

    The Ocean Moonlight lamp provides a cool blue light ideal for night-time viewing and recreating marine lighting conditions.
  • The Classica LED OTL is a breakthrough in terms of LED value for the aquatics market, available in 5 lengths ranging from 620mm to 1220mm with freshwater and marine variants. In terms of design this pendant is extremely lightweight and slimline, measuring only 25mm in height, and benefits from full IP67 waterproofing with removable cover for easy cleaning, making it safe to either hang above any aquarium or to be fitted directly on to the aquarium itself.
    • Extremely lightweight and slimline
    • Combines 1.5W and 10W Power LED’s
    • LEDs create a stunning ripple effect
    • Produces excellent colour rendition of all fish
    Supplied with:
    • Digital controller with four timed channels with auto sunset and sunrise
    • Temperature sensor
    • Fully adjustable suspention kit
    • Adjustable legs for on tank fitting
    • Removable, cleanable cover
    • Long power cables
  • Low voltage submersible aquarium striplight.

    Low power USB operation, with power adapter included.


    Brighter natural colours

    The Natural Daylight lamp provides a bright white light with a slight green tint that provides a cool natural appearance for an aquarium


    Enhances reds and blues

    The Tropical Sunlight lamp gives off a soft pink glow, ideal for lighting most tropical (warm water) and cold water fish.
  • Arcadia Cloverleaf SB UVC Lamp will perform constanly for a 12 month period. A huge range, covering nearly all makes and types of Clarifiers. A high quality lamp manufactured in Europe meaning a longer lasting lamp.
  • All of our aquarium lighting controllers are supplied with our patented ULTRA SEAL® IP67 lamp leads to ensure a waterproof seal at each end of the lamp. Supplied with universal mounting brackets for installation on aquarium hood or walls.
    1. MAGNETIC CONTROLLER - T8 only (5 Year Guarantee)
    Long mains with integral power switch lead for easy installation. Independent lamp circuits (twin lamp units) – if one lamp fails the other will continue to run.
    Magnetic Electronic
  • Bluetooth Dimming Controller. The Arcadia CONX3 is an app controlled, 3 channel, dimming system for LED lighting. Initially designed to work with the Stretch it will become the standard control method for all new LED products. Start & End times, with 30 minutes of dimming. Free downloadable Apps for iOS & Android. Compatible with Original Stretch (requires adapter ABSTADAP)
    • ABFSU is for use with single lamp controllers, and ABFS2 is for 58W and twin controllers
    • Bulk packs available
  • EXTRA HIGH OUTPUT Rich Green Colours

    • Bright white light with a soft green tint
    • Excellent colour rendition
    • Enhances the rich greens in plants
    • Supports aquatic plant-life

    For best results use with an Arcadia Luminaire or Electronic Controller and replace after two years of normal use.