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OT2 T5 Pendant

“I bought an OT2 a couple of weeks ago. I have to say that I was not prepared for the difference between it and my old AquaMedic hang-from-the-ceiling one bulb halogen.

The look and lighting effect it is absolutely stunning.”

February, 2009 – Simon Winterbourn.

Series 4 Pendant

“I bought Arcadia’s 4 series lamp for freshwater tank which is excellent! I will set up a marine tank in summer and would like to when when Arcadia OT2 LED lighting will be available.”

February, 2010 – Wojciech Czepil

Ellipse Arc Tank – 60L

“I bought the tank and it arrived the next day. It is lovely and I am very happy with a great product and an easy transaction with Warehouse-Aquatics”

March, 2011 – Jan Gerard

Eco Aqua LED Tubes

“Bought these for my tank and they fit perfectly. Most impressed by them, love the lighting effect they give.”

February, 2011 – Andrea Goodfellow

OT2 T5 Pendant

“Just thought I’d let you know that I continue to be pleased with the light from the OT2 luminaire, and that I now think the suspension kit is probably a better solution than the legs, regardless of the problems with the dimensions. I like the light quality, as do the mostly soft corals I have. I get the distinct impression that most of them are opening up a little more than with the same set of tubes in the old hood.”

April, 2009 – Pete How

T5 Plant Pro Lamps

“Just purchased T5 Plant Pro and my plants love it, good product.”

September, 2007 – Ohayo Mosi

Ellipse 9W Original Tropical Compact Lamp

It’s good…

This is a simple, practical and effective way to adequately light aquariums up to about 20 l/4.4 gal.

It comes with a 9w bulb in the Arcadia Original Tropical colour, which, although quite pink, is fine for non-demanding plants such as Java fern and Anubias and very good at accentuating the rich colours of tropicals and goldfish.

This light clamps to the rim of the aquarium with an adjustable screw and can hinge back for easy access. Bulb and lighting fittings are waterproof to IP67 standards, so they are fully compliant with current legislation.

This elliptical unit design gives it a sleek look and doubles as a reflector to spread light across the tank. In function and quality, this unit can be placed in a similar bracket to the Arcadia Arc Pod.


Due to bulb limitations this isn’t even suitable for medium-sized tanks, unless you want dim lighting, as for keeping catfish.

For maximum efficiency you’ll need an open-topped tank and, at the time of writing, the Original Tropical pink tube is the only spectral option available.

The tank will need to be fairly narrow front to back too, like under 30cm/12″, to get a decent light spread.

The verdict

A simple light, easily fit for purpose. It’s versatile, safe and eminently suitable for small open-topped aquariums or refugiums. The pink tube enhances fish colours too.”

October, 2010 – Jeremy Gay, Practical Fishkeeping Magazine