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Aquarium Chiller

The Arcadia chiller range consists of two high performance marine or freshwater aquarium chillers capable of maintaining a stable aquarium temperature in aquariums up to 500L* or 2000L* in capacity depending on the model.

Titanium exchanger for marine aquarium use.

Digital controller incorporating digital thermostat and thermometer.

Easy-clean air filter.

1) Table based on an ambient temperature of 30°C and a heating load (lighting, pumps etc) of 0.3W per litre.

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80 AT250 AT250
200 AT250 AT250
300 AT250 AT250
500 AT250 AT650
800 AT650 AT650
1200 AT650 2 x AT650
2000 AT650 2 x AT650

UK EU Watt HP BTU/H L/H KG Refrigerant
(CFC Free)
FAT250 FAT250X 250W 1/8 1310 500L/h 16kg R134a 175W/hr
FAT650 FAT650X 650W 1/3 2620 500L/h 19kg R134a 195W/hr


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