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Arowana T8 Fittings

Our Arowana product is a unique, submersible, T8 fluorescent fitting. The UV transmissive lens material allows UV radiation from an Arcadia Arowana lamp to pass through the clear portion the tube. When used with the Arowana lamp this replicates the natural exposure of the fish to the UVA and UVB in daylight.

It also allows fish to develop a richer colour than they would under normal artificial lighting.

  • UV Transmissive lamp tube
  • High performance co-extruded reflector built in to tube
  • Remote ballast box
  • Designed specifically for the new Arcadia Arowana Lamp
  • Includes Arowana Lamp
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UK EU Watt Lead Length Cable Length
FAWS30 FAWS30X 30W 66/127cm 3m
FAWS36 FAWS36X 36W 66/127cm 3m

UK EU Watt Lead Length Cable Length
FAWGS30 FAWGS30X 30W 66/127cm 3m
FAWGS36 FAWGS36X 36W 66/127cm 3m


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