Original Tropical

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Original Tropical

Designed specifically around the red and blue wavelengths in daylight that are necessary for photosynthesis.

This gives a warm pink light that encourages plant growth and highlights the iridescence of many tropical fish.

  • Warm tropical colour
  • Accentuates reds and blues
  • Optimum light for photosynthesis
  • Promotes plant growth


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Code Watt Length Diameter Lumens Energy kWh/1000h
FF006 6W 9″/225mm T5-16mm A 7
FF008 8W 12″/300mm T5-16mm A 9
FF014 14W 15″/360mm T8-26mm 300lm A+ 16
FF015 15W 18″/450mm T8-26mm 350lm B 19
FF018 18W 24″/600mm T8-26mm 450lm A 22
FF025 25W 30″/750mm T8-26mm 700lm A 31
FF030 30W 36″/900mm T8-26mm 850lm A 36
FF036 36W 48″/1200mm T8-26mm 1100lm A 43
FF038 38W 42″/1050mm T8-26mm 1100lm A 45
FF058 58W 60″/1500mm T8-26mm 1800lm A 68

Code Watt Length Diameter Lumens Energy kWh/1000h
FF024T5 24W 22″/550mm T5-16mm 550lm A+ 26
FF039T5 39W 34″/850mm T5-16mm 1150lm A 44
FF054T5 54W 46″/1150mm T5-16mm 1500lm A 60
FF080T5 80W 58″/1450mm T5-16mm 2000lm A 85


Juwel® compatible

Code Watt Length Diameter Lumens Energy kWh/1000h
FF0J24S 24W 18″/438mm T5-16mm 550lm A 26
FF0J28 28W 24″/590mm T5-16mm 550lm A 30
FF0J35 35W 30″/742mm T5-16mm 1200lm A 40
FF0J45 40W 36″/895mm T5-16mm 1000lm A 50
FF0J54S 54W 42″/1047mm T5-16mm 1400lm A+ 60
FF0J54L 54W 48″/1200mm T5-16mm 1000lm5 A+ 60


Code Watt Length Diameter Lumens Energy kWh/1000h
FF0C09 9W 6.5″/165mm G23 A 10
FF0C11 11W 9″/230mm G23 A 13


Product Safety

Lamps can be fragile pieces of equipment. Please follow the following steps to ensure the safe fitting and use of fluorescent lamps.

At either end of a fluorescent lamp you will see two brass coloured connection pins. These are the electrodes that take energy from the controller to start and run the lamp. These are quite fragile by nature. It is imperative that both pins are safely located into the pin sockets inside the lamp holder before the lamp is pressed into place. Failure to line the pins up correctly will cause the pins to bend and snap and break through the lamp cap rendering the lamp unusable.

The Ultra-seal lamp ring must be unscrewed from the lamp holder and placed over the lamp prior to fitting and only re-seated onto the lamp holder when you are sure that the lamp pins are seated correctly. High Output T5 lamp leads must be fully unwound also or you may notice lamp flickering or beaks in illumination. You can also use a very small amount of a substance like Vaseline to lubricate the lamp ring and so stop it fusing to the lamp after long periods of heat. After cooling lamps can be wiped clean with a damp cloth once every two weeks or so to remove any dust build up from the lamp, this in turn will help to maintain the lamps full output. The all important reflector should also be wiped clean at the same time.

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