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Plant Pro Lamp

The T5 Plant Pro lamp has been specifically formulated to combine the red and blue spectral peaks of the Original Tropical Lamp to support plant photosynthesis, with the higher light output of the freshwater lamp.

The result is a lamp which is noticeably brighter than the Original Tropical, making it ideal for more demanding plant species.

  • Ideal for growing more demanding aquatic plants
  • Bright penetrating light, ideal for even deeper aquariums
  • Enhance colours of fish and plant
  • Satisfy plant species with a higher light requirement
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Code Watt Length Diameter Lumens Energy kWh/1000h
FFPP24T5 24W 22″/550mm T5-16mm 1050lm A+ 26
FFPP39T5 39W 34″/850mm T5-16mm 1950lm A 44
FFPP54T5 54W 46″/1150mm T5-16mm 2800lm A 60
FFPP80T5 80W 58″/1450mm T5-16mm 3700lm A 85


Juwel® compatible lengths

Code Watt Length Diameter Lumens Energy kWh/1000h
FFPPJ24S 24W 18″/438mm T5-16mm 440lm A 26
FFPPJ28 28W 24″/590mm T5-16mm 1600lm A 30
FFPPJ35 35W 30″/742mm T5-16mm 1920lm A 40
FFPPJ45 40W 36″/895mm T5-16mm 2300lm A 50
FFPPJ54S 54W 42″/1047mm T5-16mm 2700lm A+ 60
FFPPJ54L 54W 48″/1200mm T5-16mm 2800lm5 A+ 60

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