Tinned Fish Food

//Tinned Fish Food

Tinned Fish Food

A high quality alternative to frozen fish food, fish food in a tin! Suitable for all aquarium fish, the tins are provided with a fork to help remove the food and a re-sealable lid for easy storage once opened. Use entire contents within 4 weeks of opening.

  • Densely packed, perfectly preserved fish food
  • Fortified with calcium, minerals and vitamins for improved growth
  • High pressure heat steam sterilisation ensure food is free from fungus, bacteria and parasites
  • Available in four varieties: Brine Shrimp, Superior Bloodworm, Premium Cyclops, and Arctic Shrimp


Code Description Volume
FZFCY Premium Cyclops 100g
FZFBS Brine Shrimp 100g
FZFBW Superior Bloodworm 100g
FZFAS Arctic Shrimp 100g