• • Compact day-night timer

    • 15 minute interval setting

    • For appliances up to 3KW (Max 13A)

  • T5/T8 LED Stretch adapters

    Replaces existing T5/T8 fluorescent lamps with the Classica LED Stretch lamp.
  • The Arcadia chiller range consists of two high performance marine or freshwater aquarium chillers capable of maintaining a stable aquarium temperature in aquariums up to 500L* or 2000L* in capacity depending on the model.

    Titanium exchanger for marine aquarium use.

    Digital controller incorporating digital thermostat and thermometer.

    Easy-clean air filter.

    1) Table based on an ambient temperature of 30°C and a heating load (lighting, pumps etc) of 0.3W per litre.

  • Arcadia professional series are made from premium quality surgical grade stainless steel and come in an attractive satin finish.

    The sturdy designer range makes it the perfect choice for the installation and maintenance of planted aquariums.

  • • Easy to fit

    • Waterproof (to IP67 standard)

    • Easy Lamp Change

    • Built-in Reflector

    • Freshwater versions supplied with Original Tropical lamp

    • Marine versions supplied with Marine Hybrid lamp


    Mimics strong sunlight. Contains UVA and UVB for natural colour development of Arowana. Red Arowana develop a natural deeper red colour. Golden Crown Arowana lamp will develop a natural deep golden colour on the top of their heads and along their back.
    • Gives the Arowana the UV they would receive in the natural environment
    • Lamp colour enhances the natural colour of the fish in display aquariums
    • Only for use with the Arcadia Arowana Submersible Light Unit – Normal submersible fittings block the ultraviolet light vital for colour development
  • Our Arowana product is a unique, submersible, T8 fluorescent fitting. The UV transmissive lens material allows UV radiation from an Arcadia Arowana lamp to pass through the clear portion the tube. When used with the Arowana lamp this replicates the natural exposure of the fish to the UVA and UVB in daylight. It also allows fish to develop a richer colour than they would under normal artificial lighting.
    • UV Transmissive lamp tube
    • High performance co-extruded reflector built in to tube
    • Remote ballast box
    • Designed specifically for the new Arcadia Arowana Lamp
    • Includes Arowana Lamp
  • Bio Medic is an extremely effective water conditioner used to control external fish parasites present in both marine and freshwater environments. It contains a reef-safe oxidizing agent and is particularly effective against: Marine Ich - Crytpocaryon irritans, Freshwater Ich - Ichthyophthirius, and Marine Velvet - Amyloodinium ocellatum.

  • Bio-Phos 80 is a high capacity sythetic Iron Hydroxide, suitable for use in aquaria ranging from Ph5 to Ph10.

    Every 100g of Bio-Phos is capable of removing up to 4ppm of P04 from 1000 litres of salt water or 4ppm P04 from 2000 litres of fresh water.

    Removes up to 4ppm of Phosphates from * litres of freshwater or ** litres of salt water.

  • Use in conjunction with the Classica Aqua-Brite LED Spotlight.
  • The Aqua-Brite LED Aquarium lights can instantly improve the look of your aquarium by spotlighting plants or ornaments.
    • Excellent accent illumination for plants and ornaments
    • Spotlights rotates and tilts to any position
    • Easily fixes by sucker to aquarium walls or base
    • Can be screw fixed to aquarium hoods
    • Colour change unit constantly changes the look of your tank
    • Requires single USB power supply or 4-way HUB
  • True Reef Colours

    The Ocean Moonlight lamp provides a cool blue light ideal for night-time viewing and recreating marine lighting conditions.