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    Pendant Lighting

    Lamp Controllers

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    Fluorescent Lamp Reflector
    Double your light output with our reflector. It ensures stray light is redirected into the aquarium, maximising efficiency.


    The Ultraseal T5 Electronic range of fluorescent controllers are IP67 rated, meaning that the controller can be completely concealed within the hood of the aquarium. When using T5 high output lamps, it is essential that an electronically ballasted unit such as this is used – traditional magnetically ballasted units will not suffice.

    • Waterproof lamp leads and controller body for installation inside the aquarium hood
    • Long mains with integral power switch lead for easy installation
    • Independent lamp circuits (twin lamp units) – if one lamp fails the other will continue to run
    • Engineered to deliver Arcadia performance at an extremely competitive price point
    • All of our aquarium lighting controllers are supplied with our patented Ultra seal IP67 lamp leads to ensure a waterproof seal at each end of the lamp


    T5 Lamp Controller
    Code Lamp Qty T8 T5 J5 Lead Length
    ACE2U8 x2 18-40W 600-1200mm 2.0m
    ACE1U5 x1 24W 550mm 39W 850mm 24W 438mm 28W 590mm 35W 742mm 2.0m
    ACE154 x1 54W 1150mm 45W 895mm 54W 1047mm 54W 1200mm 2.0m
    ACE2U5 x2 24W 550mm 39W 850mm 24W 438mm 28W 590mm 35W 742mm 2.0m
    ACE254 x2 54W 1150mm 45W 895mm 54W 1047mm 54W 1200mm 2.0m

    Fitting Tips

    The Arcadia Aquatic Ultraseal lamp holders offer both keeper and animal total security against dangerous water ingress. To comply with the new waterproof lighting regulations we have designed and made this system to be IP67 or waterproof. This does however mean that the lamp holders must be tight. To enable the safe and easy fitting of lamps the following advice is given:

    • Unscrew the lamp rings from the lamp holders.
    • Use a very small amount of Vaseline (non petroleum based) on the rubber seal on the inside of the sealing ring to moisturise the rubber seal. Wipe away and overspill from the lamp holder and lamp.
    • Slide the lamp ring over the lamp and carefully line up the pins on the lamp with the two holes inside of the lamp holder and push gently. The lamp should seat into the lamp holder with a slight click. Do not turn the lamp as the pins will sheer off.
    • Slide the lamp ring back down towards the lamp holder and holding the lamp tight with one hand screw up the lamp ring until gently seated with the other.
    • T5 lamp run hotter than T8 lamps and the rubber seal around the lamp sealing ring may stick to the lamp or degrade over time, these rings can be easily replaced with product code AB5R or ABT5LL. As product code AB5R will eventually be removed as the intention is to discontinue it going forward..

    Product Safety

    Lamps can be fragile pieces of equipment. Please follow the following steps to ensure the safe fitting and use of fluorescent lamps.

    At either end of a fluorescent lamp you will see two brass coloured connection pins. These are the electrodes that take energy from the controller to start and run the lamp. These are quite fragile by nature. It is imperative that both pins are safely located into the pin sockets inside the lamp holder before the lamp is pressed into place. Failure to line the pins up correctly will cause the pins to bend and snap and break through the lamp cap rendering the lamp unusable.
    The Ultra-seal lamp ring must be unscrewed from the lamp holder and placed over the lamp prior to fitting and only re-seated onto the lamp holder when you are sure that the lamp pins are seated correctly. High Output T5 lamp leads must be fully unwound also or you may notice lamp flickering or breaks in illumination. You can also use a very small amount of a substance like Vaseline (non petroleum based) to lubricate the lamp ring and so stop it fusing to the lamp after long periods of heat. After cooling lamps can be wiped clean with a damp cloth once every two weeks or so to remove any dust build up from the lamp, this in turn will help to maintain the lamps full output. The all important reflector should also be wiped clean at the same time.

    Lamp Reminder Service

    Is your lamp still emitting the correct amount of UV!

    The amount of light emitted from a lamp decreases with the age of the lamp, particularly in lamps which emit ultraviolet radiation, so it is important to remember to change you lamps at the end of their recommended service life.